The Book

I strongly believe my book, “Everyone has a story…This is mine“, will make a difference in the lives of the youth today. I am a witness to it. The road to success was not easy. The past years were hard and filled with obstacles and difficulties. Now a successful author and public speaker, Marcus inspires others to overcome life’s challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles hurdles. Marcus has become a role model speaking at Chicago youth organizations, high schools, and special youth groups on the importance issues regarding gang violence, education, self-esteem and family.
Marcus is very passionate and focused about life and educating others through his personal experience and knowledge. Street life may be about money, cars, clothes, and jewelry, but that no longer exists – he has changed inside and out. He is now living a life that has a meaning and a future. Knowing that life is so precious and delicate and it can be gone or changed in a blink of an eye, he is more than ever dedicated to help the Chicago youths in the low-income and gang invested areas to help them achieve a future. But Marcus does not stop there. He wants to reach further and deeper into the heart of America and its gang roots. He is ready to take his message on the road. His mission is simple; he wants everyone to accept others for who they are not the possessions, looks and power they have. To live life with no prejudice, bias, or hate.

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